Natural Gold Water


The mountains of Banat, neither too high nor too low, covered with deciduous forests and meadows, bathed by gentle sun and friendly winds, secretly hide unknown riches and unseen treasures.


Natural spring water

The source of the AUR’A water is called Ursoanea, a name inherited from ancient times. The water descends from the mountain, through its heart, and „washes” the Golden Crack, a massif known as a place of gold extraction in Dacian times.


Due to the arrangement of the shales almost horizontally, the water passes smoothly and is enriched with elements. From the place where it springs, it is captured and transported only 47 meters through the pipeline to the place where it is bottled in glass.

It is naturally alkaline, contains naturally stabilized gold and silver colloids, is microbiologically pure, contains no bacteria, organic matter, heavy metals and no concentrations of nitrites and nitrates. It is a source of energy, thanks to the perfectly balanced colloids and minerals.


International Recognition

The unique qualities of water are appreciated by international institutions and recognized by awards, distinctions and certifications obtained.


Elixir For

Aur’a is pure water, bottled exactly as it comes out of the mountain, without added elements, without decay, directly from nature, naturally filtered. It is bottled in glass, the safest packaging ever invented for any food or drink. It is naturally alkaline, the pH between 8.1 and 8.4 is the index that guarantees the proper hydration of the human body.

The Best Water
It’s the Spring

The best water is spring water, water from an underground source that comes to the surface of the earth naturally. It is filtered naturally through layers of sand, sand gravel, boulders, natural process that gives it unique properties, a combination of vital qualities for health, certificates of physical indicators, chemical indicators and bacteriological indicators measured in the laboratory.

The alkalinity expressed by pH, the presence or absence of metals, the lack of organic matter, define the concept of the best natural water.

  • natural pH between 8.1 and 8.4
  • content of gold and silver colloids
  • absence of nitrites and nitrates
  • absence of organic matter

Pure, alkaline, with (natural) content of gold and silver colloids and with perfectly balanced minerals.

Water taken directly from nature and bottled in glass bottles, according to the most demanding quality and food safety systems.

Laboratory analysis performed in the Wessling laboratory network, headquartered in Altenberge, Germany, and in Hamilton laboratories, headquartered in Poland, but also at the prestigious National Research-Development Institute for Isotropic and Molecular Technologies in Cluj-Napoca, Laboratory of Mass Spectometry, Chromatography and Ion Physics, reveals unparalleled chemical and microbiological indicators.